"Tosca, an Italian mainstay where the power players eat - and eat well" (3 Star Review)

The Washington Post's 2017 Fall Dining Guide

Tosca would like to thank the Washington Post for the most recent 3-star review in the 2017 Fall Dining Guide

Ristorante Tosca


Business inevitably mixes with pleasure at this Italian power magnate downtown. “When do you testify?” I overhear one woman ask another at the next linen-draped table. I lean in to eavesdrop, but the food in front of me, from chef Massimo Fabbri, is competing for my attention. Whole-wheat spaghetti is cooked just so, draped with a tomato sauce that smacks of summer and is embellished with nothing more than fresh basil and fruity olive oil — so Italian, the delicious simplicity. Slices of Iberico pork loin, dusted with espelette pepper and served with an orange swipe of piquillo pepper sauce, help fill the dining room as surely as Tosca’s proximity to both Capitol Hill and the White House. The only thing better than listening in on power players is the cloudlike combination of mascarpone cream and coffee draped in frothy Marsala zabaglione, at once cool, warm and luscious.

3 stars